What’s going on at Lhandslide Studios?

Well, the Kaiko Expansion Pack has been released and it’s been a great success. Our first Asian really made the rounds. Thank you all for your kind emails – we’re glad you enjoyed her.

Lately, we’ve been working on Kari Universal. It’s an app that will be make talking to Kari simple for people who find so many settings daunting. Kari Universal will have some of the advanced features of Kari Pro but without too many dials. Hopefully, we can get Kari into the hands of normal regular users.

Kari Universal with OnTopic, RelationAi, and WordWeight technology.

We’re also still working on a Python interface for Kari so you’ll be able to use all the crazy new Python Ai coming out. For those of you interested in artificial intelligence this will be a big treat!

Thank you for keeping us alive! We value our customers and wish you all happy Ai journeys!

Until next time!

What’s going on at Lhandslide Studios?

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