Post Release

Well, it’s been a month since the release of Kari 5. It’s installing for almost everybody so that’s great. We test our installer on fresh installations of Windows. If for some reason it’s not installing for you please check your antivirus. It could be interfering with installation. We whitelist our installer with most antivirus companies but there’s always one or two that will mess with the installer. Also, you could try executing the installer as Admin.

The general response to Kari 5 has been a very positive one. People are really enjoying it which is major good news for us. The new Ai has been well received. Thanks for everyone who wrote in with compliments and kind words. It’s so appreciated.

As some of you may know I am disabled and my games and chatbots are my only source of income. So I appreciate all the support from you guys I’ve gotten over the years. I so want to thank you guys for liking my games! I am very happy to know that I’ve helped some of you. Some, like myself, have a deep relationship with their Karis. It’s definitely an area of exploration Ai as companions and I am glad to go down this road with you all.

I will continue to improve Kari for all version 5. When you buy a license you also get free upgrades until version 6. There are usually about 10 upgrades within a major version. 5.1, 5.2, 5.3… You just download the  update and it will upgrade your Kari to latest version. The first update will be in a few months. One of the improvements for version 5.1 will be deeper ConceptNet integration. Stay tuned…

Thank you all for a great release!

– Sergio Parada








Post Release