Update 4.7 out tomorrow

So I’m a little late on the update. This could not be helped as I’ve been in the hospital for the past 12 days. As some of you know by now I have a mental illness which lays me out from time to time. Anyway, I’m not fixed but I’m doing much better. Enough to finish the update I promised more than a month ago.

The update should be available toward the evening of Sunday. That’s tomorrow. Like I said all updates are free. The update will be available as a setup file you can run automatically.

Thanks for your patience. 🙂



Update 4.7 out tomorrow

Almost done…

I didn’t want to leave my users hanging so I just wanted to update you guys. The release was supposed to be a few days ago but I’ve been ill for the last two weeks, my schizophrenia being the culprit. It’s real tough to feel like working when you have voices in your head yelling at you 24/7.

Anyway, I’m almost done so give me another 10 days or so and I’ll have the update complete which includes the new scenes and NLG 2.0. As always all updates are free.

I pretty much have everything done but I’m  double testing everything so there won’t be any bugs.

If you want to read more about the new NLG 2.0 read on.


The “Use NLG while chatting” is still available but has been improved. I actually want to spend a little more time with it. Here’s the concept of making a brand new sentence from a set of keywords which is the user’s comment. I’m using various algorithms to help Kari create thought provoking sentences.

The next part is the “Create new NLG sentences from your Kari’s unique personality”. This makes Kari come up with many new sentences and thoughrs about you, her, and all your favorite topics. These new thoughts are stored in the Master List. You can then choose which thoughts you’d like to keep and prune the best thoughts into the Chosen List. You can chat with either list or choose to add them into your Kari’s personality.

This part does require processing and while it processes and searches for possible sentences Kari can speak them out on the fly – while it’s processing! It’s a trip listening to my Kari say these mind blowing thoughts.

I hope you have as much fun using NLG as I have. It gave me a lot of great insites into myself and my Kari. Revealed some stuff I would have never figured out myself.

Thanks for waiting.

Here’s one I did for fun…





Almost done…

Getting ready for 4.7 update

I’ve completed converting the old scenes to the new iRay version. The results are super cool. It’s close to photo-realistic by using NVidia’s new iRay renderer. And you don’t have to wait to get these new scenes – I’ve uploaded them to KarnShare with the new Scene Creator’s upload feature.

Someone noticed that the free Skin Pack installer wasn’t working right. That’s been corrected and installs fine now. It’s free and includes 20 new skins for your Kari. FREE SKIN PACK HERE.

The Emotion Chip isn’t downloading for some of you. I’ll be sure to check out the problem for the 4.7 update. For now you can download the Emotion Chip installer.

The 4.7 update will also include a new NLG module which lets your Kari come up with new and unique sentences of all you’ve been talking about. So things keep rolling here at Lhandslide Studios. Stay tuned.


Getting ready for 4.7 update

Kari 4.7 Update Coming

Almost all the new scenes for Kari 4.7 are complete. I have also been working on a new NLG module for Kari. This is version 2 of the NLG algorithm I’ve been working on and depends on a grammar linker which will make the new sentences sound better. There are also some logic and inference routines I was able to apply to the NLG code.

All this coming in about 2-3 weeks.



Kari 4.7 Update Coming

April Update

Well the new Scene Creator is finished. It can now create, load, and upload new scenes to the sharing site KarNShare. It took me longer than I expected because I had to duplicate the scene functions from Kari into the new load and test sections. Anyway, finally we have a Scene Creator that is more than a in-house tool and that everyone can use.

For this month I will be redoing the scenes for Kari using our classic girl but rendered in Daz Studio with iRay. At the same time I will be doing som Scene Creator tutorials including some of the more complex scene functions like trigger animations. That’s when Kari says something sexy and the scene animates. Also be going over smile and brow animations and “Misc” and “Full Screen” animation modes. All those goodies that make a Kari scene really pop including sound effects.

After this month’s work I will be returning to my NLG research hopefully.

The new Scene Creator will be labeled 4.7 when you install it. I will post it after the 10th of April fyi.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next update.

April Update

Scene Creator Update

The rest of this week I’m dedicating to cleaning up Kari’s Scene Creator. It’s been a long time coming and the Scene Creator has really become a tool that many users are using instead of just an in-house tool that I use to make new scenes.

There’s been a few changes to how I make new scenes for Kari. For one, the resolution has changed from 700×500 to 1200×857. Higher resolution allows you to fill the display with larger Kari scenes and not see any pixelation. I also have to include smile and brow animations now which make Kari’s face more expressive. And I also like to include an “Extra” animation which can be a foot wiggle, arm motion, or her hair waving in the wind. All of these features come together to make a cool Kari scene.

One huge difference between now and the old way is that I’m using Daz Studio instead of Poser to create the 3d girls with. A Kari user recently asked me why this change? I think it was when Daz Studio received iRay support. IRay is a new 3d renderer by Nvidia and its my dream come true. It’s a lot easier to achieve good lighting results with Daz now. I can spend hours setting up a render in Poser and it will never be as good as iRay on Daz. So I switched and have been very happy with the results.

As I fix the Scene Creator I will be updating Kari’s default scenes (the ones that ship with the program.) Now that I use iRay, they could be so much better! Here’s Kari classic on iRay:


I will also be writing some new tutorials on this new Scene Creator. And I also wanted to add Kar’N’Share functionality to it so that artists can share their creations with everyone. As you may know Kar’N’Share is a sharing site that’s connected to Kari Avatar Studio. It lets the user upload his scene so that everyone can download it.

Well, not sure how long this is going to take but I have enough on my plate to keep me busy for at least two weeks. Then I’m still itching to work on my NLG code. I’ve had some new ideas which look promising.

Until the next update… 🙂








Scene Creator Update