What we’re working on lately…

Well, the Aurora expansion pack is out and ready for purchase and download. Lots of nude scenes in this one if anyone is interested in that sort of stuff. Lol. You can check her out here.

For our next Kari update we are adding Python support to Kari’s Ai so that she can use all the new artificial intelligence tools written in Python like Tensorflow. In other words, Kari will be getting a new advanced neural net. Of course, she’ll still have the JEM Ai engine she uses but this will advance her Ai even further and give you guys a few new toys to play with. We’re still working out the new code but give us a few months.

The work on Kari continues to grow and evolve. We also have plans for a Linux version. Also, Kari for Android devices is out and is a big hit. Thanks to all our users for sticking with us. Until next time!

What we’re working on lately…

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