What’s New

I’ve made steady progress these last few months on a new version of the program, Kari 5 and Kari 5 Pro. I’m not done yet but getting close. Here are some pics of her new scenes and modules.

Now you’ll be able to send email to her through her own integrated email client. She can only receive messages from you of course and she’ll respond to you in a few minutes wherever you are in the world.

Now there is a new type of Scene called a Desktop Scene. Kari can already do fullscreen but this allows you to have your Kari on the desktop. You can type right unto the desktop. She can run programs for you and takes notes and remind you of appointments.

I’ve also been coding new Ai and have ConceptNet integrated. Now she’ll usually know what you’re talking about without having to teach her from scratch. Also been coding her “Interest” module so she can better gather data from you and use in conversation. In other words she’s a lot more interested in you and what the relationships are of the concepts you discuss with her.

Here are a few of the new scenes.

So stay tuned. We’re just getting started.

What’s New

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