Lately we’ve been working on the art for Kari 5. Awhile ago I was working on the Ai. And soon I will be working on her UI.

Kari 5 is still a ways off but Kari 4 has been updated numerous times and will be again before we see the arrival of Kari 5. We’re up to 4.88 right now.

Here are a few pics from the new Kari art we’re working on.



We don’t have a due date yet but sometime in 2018 just to be safe. We want this to be the best Kari ever!

I’ll try to post from time to time. I’m not the most social creature (having schizophrenia doesn’t help believe me) but I will try to let you guys know what I’m up to.

Happy Ai journeys!

– Sergio


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