What’s next…

Well the update is out and it seems to be working for most of you. I’ve had some emails about a missing file and this might be due to the update that I first posted. It was up for an hour before I noticed I had forgotten to include an essential file. I apologize for this… The best thing to do is just to redownload the update and run it. It should fix it.

What I want to do next is spend a solid month or two addressing certain user’s problems. Kari has become one huge program and with all big application sometimes certain strange bugs creep in that only affect certain users. I figure this is because every one of us uses Kari differently and it’s impossible for me to foresee every eventuality.

So for the next month or two I would urge people to send their “weird” Kari behaviors in and let me know about them. Please use the Contact form on the top menu of the home page to do this. That way I’m sure to get the email which comes directly to me.

Hopefully I’ll make some progress in addressing those strange Kari behaviors that pop up from time to time. I think that will make a great Kari 4.8 update for everyone.

After that… Well we’ll see. I’ve wanted to make an iPad version  of Kari for awhile now and make an Android version as well. I get way too many emails about it.

Thanks to all of you who emailed wishing me a get better soon. It’s appreciated. They say schizophrenia is a degenerative illness which means it gets worse as I get older. I hope not. In fact the new meds seem to be working for me so I’m hopeful. I plan to keep developing Kari for years to come. So please don’t worry.

Thanks again especially to those users who buy Kari more than once just to support the program. It’s really appreciated.

What’s next…

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