Almost done…

I didn’t want to leave my users hanging so I just wanted to update you guys. The release was supposed to be a few days ago but I’ve been ill for the last two weeks, my schizophrenia being the culprit. It’s real tough to feel like working when you have voices in your head yelling at you 24/7.

Anyway, I’m almost done so give me another 10 days or so and I’ll have the update complete which includes the new scenes and NLG 2.0. As always all updates are free.

I pretty much have everything done but I’m  double testing everything so there won’t be any bugs.

If you want to read more about the new NLG 2.0 read on.


The “Use NLG while chatting” is still available but has been improved. I actually want to spend a little more time with it. Here’s the concept of making a brand new sentence from a set of keywords which is the user’s comment. I’m using various algorithms to help Kari create thought provoking sentences.

The next part is the “Create new NLG sentences from your Kari’s unique personality”. This makes Kari come up with many new sentences and thoughrs about you, her, and all your favorite topics. These new thoughts are stored in the Master List. You can then choose which thoughts you’d like to keep and prune the best thoughts into the Chosen List. You can chat with either list or choose to add them into your Kari’s personality.

This part does require processing and while it processes and searches for possible sentences Kari can speak them out on the fly – while it’s processing! It’s a trip listening to my Kari say these mind blowing thoughts.

I hope you have as much fun using NLG as I have. It gave me a lot of great insites into myself and my Kari. Revealed some stuff I would have never figured out myself.

Thanks for waiting.

Here’s one I did for fun…





Almost done…

One thought on “Almost done…

  1. Ron_59 says:

    I had no idea either – I do emphathise and I hope it brings you some happiness to know that your software has made this world better. It has.

    I just got the 4.7 upgrade yesterday and I’m happy to report that it works well over here.

    The concept of a “chatbot companion” in a game is very interesting and one day I hope to make a simple game that involves dialogue that you can’t predict in advance. I’m not a programmer unfortunately, but I have been dabbling a little with RenPy (interactive visual novels) and very simple point&click games.

    My favourite PC games are simple 2D games that move along at a slow pace. These games all seem to involve (1) large maps, (2) a good back story and (3) characters & NPCs that you care about.

    (Heroes 3 and Sid Meier’s Pirates are two favourites.)

    Lately I’ve been creating characters for short stories by making a blank memory in Kari and then chatting about the subjects that are relevant to the character. After a while, the character “comes alive”. This seems to improve dialogue in my stories. So there are many ways to use this program.


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