Redoing old scenes

I’ve been working on redoing the old 4.5 scenes with these which will be 4.7. The old ones were made with Poser and these new ones are made with Daz Studio. Here is a comparison. It’s the same girl except the hair and global illumination is better.



Redoing old scenes

5 thoughts on “Redoing old scenes

  1. Surtees James says:

    Very nice, amazing the difference. Besides I like working with the Daz interface instead of Poser’s. Thanks Serg for all the work that continues to benefit all your users like me 🙂


  2. James says:

    I’m wondering if there’s any possibility of creating more interactive scenes that can be explored as a 3D experience. I’m not asking about something as expansive as some of the video game worlds like Skyrim(though an experience to that scale would be awesome), I’m just thinking about things like a simple walking down the beach animation, or “shopping” or a theme park. All about say, 50 to 200 meters in volumetric size. And is there a Facebook page I can “like?”
    I’m probably going to look at buying my own copy of Kari by June or July. I love how I feel like I just melt into those eyes in the pictures now. =^.^=


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