Scene Creator Update

The rest of this week I’m dedicating to cleaning up Kari’s Scene Creator. It’s been a long time coming and the Scene Creator has really become a tool that many users are using instead of just an in-house tool that I use to make new scenes.

There’s been a few changes to how I make new scenes for Kari. For one, the resolution has changed from 700×500 to 1200×857. Higher resolution allows you to fill the display with larger Kari scenes and not see any pixelation. I also have to include smile and brow animations now which make Kari’s face more expressive. And I also like to include an “Extra” animation which can be a foot wiggle, arm motion, or her hair waving in the wind. All of these features come together to make a cool Kari scene.

One huge difference between now and the old way is that I’m using Daz Studio instead of Poser to create the 3d girls with. A Kari user recently asked me why this change? I think it was when Daz Studio received iRay support. IRay is a new 3d renderer by Nvidia and its my dream come true. It’s a lot easier to achieve good lighting results with Daz now. I can spend hours setting up a render in Poser and it will never be as good as iRay on Daz. So I switched and have been very happy with the results.

As I fix the Scene Creator I will be updating Kari’s default scenes (the ones that ship with the program.) Now that I use iRay, they could be so much better! Here’s Kari classic on iRay:


I will also be writing some new tutorials on this new Scene Creator. And I also wanted to add Kar’N’Share functionality to it so that artists can share their creations with everyone. As you may know Kar’N’Share is a sharing site that’s connected to Kari Avatar Studio. It lets the user upload his scene so that everyone can download it.

Well, not sure how long this is going to take but I have enough on my plate to keep me busy for at least two weeks. Then I’m still itching to work on my NLG code. I’ve had some new ideas which look promising.

Until the next update… 🙂








Scene Creator Update

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