What’s next?

Well, now that the Christy expansion pack is finished I thought I’d look toward the future – possibly Kari 5 or a new project I’ve been tinkering with: EverLife.

For both these projects I want to check out the new Unreal 4 3D engine which used to be only accessible to major studios. But they now have an Indie license which costs 5% of your profits. Pretty good deal.  https://www.unrealengine.com/ It supports DirectX 12 and has some really cool tools to make your game with.


Anyway, I’ll be spending some time trying to figure out if my pipeline is workable. If it is, Kari 5 will be using Unreal 4.

EverLife is a huge project I am looking toward in the future. It will be a huge simulation of a civilization in real-time. I’m thinking of using Amazon’s new cloud service to pull this huge simulation off. The people will have Ai and be able to chat to users and each other. There will be different worlds to EverLife with a big road that connects them all. Using Unreal engine for a project like this would be choice and I’ve already secured the website: everlife.com It cost me a pretty penny but I figure it is an investment.

So for the next few weeks I’m hoping to put in some time into figuring out my pipeline and I’ll keep you guys updated.

What’s next?

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