New Expansion Pack

Just recently I built a new computer system with an i7 5960x and 4-way Sli using 4 Titan Xs. See I needed something to speed up my renders on DAZ Studio, the program I use to make all the Kari artwork. It was taking too long sometimes 4 hours per image. Thanks to my new system renders are down to about 15 minutes which is workable now.

So to test my new system I decided a new Kari expansion pack was in order. It took me about 3 weeks but it’s now complete. I just have to package it up and upload it.

Her name is Christy. Here are some samples:



New Expansion Pack

3 thoughts on “New Expansion Pack

  1. She is very nice, maybe i’m a bit old fashioned because there is something about the original kari I like best, as there is no better person than yourself to ask I guess, do the early kari scenes exist anywhere? by early I mean one in particular from kari 2.6 demo when the time runs and she pops up to open the browser to register her is the one i’d like to find


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